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O Level Certificate For UP Police Jail Warden

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Here in this article, I am going to tell you what certificate is required for UP Police Jail Warden, As we know that certificate is must for all the jobs, So similarly, There is O Level Certificate which is required for UP Police Jail Warden

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How to Get Online Diploma

In this article, I am going to tell you the complete process of getting online diploma.

We have listen many times about Diploma in Computer (DCA). But having diploma of this course takes time when you are doing it offline, but here I am telling you how to get this diploma without studying it offline. What you have to do is just enroll in the course and complete the assessment and when you are done with it, you are able to download your Diploma in soft copy from your dashboard.

Steps you have to follow are

  1. Search for the website
  2. choose your desire course.
  3. Create new account, if you already created, then “login”
  4. Verify your Email
  5. login again and make payment for the course you have chosen.

For help, There is a video for signing up to the website

In the beginning, courses are introduced, Skip the video till  1.42 and Play.


Basic computer course step by step guide

Basic Computer Course Step by Step Guide

Basic Computer Course step by step guide

Hello everyone,

This is Manish Sharma, Hope you are doing well in your life. So, as you know in today’s world computer is very popular not in industry but in school, colleges and hospitals. We find computer usability in every industry. Computer Technology is spreading with a high speed in today’s time. As we see, there would be more advanced technology in future than it is now. Here, I am going to talk about some basic computer course which are necessary for everyone whether is he studying in school and colleges or working for a company. There are many computer course but learning any of them must require basic computer course training. Having computer course training offline require much time and effort but what if you learn these training through online mode, that’s an awesome idea. Having an online computer knowledge is easy and fast. Learning anything online require your suitable time, which means learn at your pace. So, we here introduce you with online basic computer course.

We are providing online computer course training, which you can complete with your speed, it does not require a month or year.

It just require your online account that you create while registration in the course.

Course Details

It is government project (Basic Computer Course). It come up with 36 hours of training. As you complete the course, you are eligible to download BCC Certificate.

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Or Call at 9858799587

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online basic computer courses

Advanced Diploma in Computer Application – ADCA

Computer is a need of today’s world, without having computer knowledge we are like a person who is not living in the 21st century. In today’s time learning computer courses is more important than before. It doesn’t matter weather you learn basic or advanced ADCA, but at least you should have knowledge of computer. So as, you can do small work like online transaction, acquiring government department information, booking tickets and ordering online.

Advanced Diploma in Computer Application - ADCA

As we are offering many courses but here I am going to introduce you about ADCA – Advanced Diploma in Computer Application. This course duration is 6 month or could be a year depending on the course syllabus.

Why choose this course?

If you are looking for Diploma course and want to use it in the government or private sector as an additional skill. So, this is going to help you and Therefore, you should opt this course.

Benefits after course completion

  • Easy to achieve job
  • Additional Computer Skills
  • Add to CV and other profile.


ADCA – Advanced Diploma in Computer Application is approved by NIELIT

How To Enroll?

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