Recording of Transactions

Points to Remember A transaction is an event or happening that changes an organisation’s financial position and/or its earnings. A source document or voucher is a document which provides evidence of a company’s transaction. The accounting equation is: Assets= Liabilities + Capital. Journal is a day book or daily record wherein the transaction are recorded […]

Job oriented courses after 12th

What are the job oriented courses? before we start to do course after 10th or 12th class, we must know that what are job oriented courses? Let’s understand with an example If I am 12th class student, and have recently completed 12th class, I will be looking for courses which I can complete in a […]

Computer Course for everyone in Delhi

Acme Collins School offering Free Job Oriented Computer Training for Underprivileged Candidates and for aged person in Delhi. The training we are providing is in English. We have many courses for everyone who is looking for computer course in Delhi, But we providing these courses are in online mode.

DCA is required for ITBP Constable

DCA is required for ITBP constable post

DCA stands for Diploma in Computer Application, this is generally 6 to 12 month course, it is effective course through the point of study and also required for government jobs. As we know who else not want to do government jobs, I think everyone should be think of getting government jobs, but the problem how […]