All about Basic Computer Course – BCC

All about Basic Computer Course – BCC

In this course, student is going to learn all about computer’s basic along with knowledge fundamental of computer and its generation, as well as some of the basic Microsoft applications like MS Word, MS PowerPoint and Excel. The application you are going to learn, is of 2013 version. Let’s talk about the application that we learn when we choose this course.

MS Word – Course of Content

  • · Introduction of Microsoft Word
  • · Quick Access Toolbar option
  • · Use of Format Painter in Clipboard Block
  • · Use of Strikethrough in Font Block
  • · Use of Superscript and Subscript
  • · Use of Text Effect and Typography
  • · Use of lowercase, UPPERCASE, Capitalize Each Word and Sentence case
  • · Use of Clear All Formatting
  • · How to Create Bullet List
  • · How to Create Numbered List
  • · How to Create Multilevel List to organize item or create an outline
  • · How to align Text in Word
  • · Use of Decrease or Increase Indent
  • · Use of Line and Paragraph Spacing
  • · Use of Left to right or right to left text direction
  • · How to use sorting in word
  • · Show and Hide Symbol
  • · Advance use of Find and Replace
  • · How to Select Object, option available in Editing Block
  • · Make a stylish Cover page for your document
  • · Insert a blank Page
  • · How to page Break
  • ·    Add a Table to your document
  • · Add Pictures to your document, offline or online both
  • · Insert Shape to your Document
  • · Use of SmartArt
  • · Insert Chart and its formatting
  • · Learn to take a screenshot in the word
  • · Use of Store, My Apps and Wikipedia
  • · How to Insert Online Video in the document
  • · Use of Hyperlink, Bookmark and Cross-reference
  • · How to insert Comment
  • · Use of Header and Footer
  • · How to insert Page Number on the document
  • · How to insert Text Box, Use of Quick Parts, WordArt and Drop Cap
  • · Make a Signature Line
  • · How to insert Date & Time
  • · Insert Object from other application or resources
  • · Insert Equation and Symbol
  • · Use of Document Formatting, Themes in the Design Tab
  • · How to use Watermark, Page Color and Page Borders option
  • · How to Set Margin, Change of Orientation, Set the Size of the Document
  • · How to use Two Columns or 3 Columns Document
  • · Use of Hyphenation
  • · Use of Selection Pane
  • · Use of Table of Contents
  • · How to Add Text in the Document
  • · Use of Update Table
  • · How to insert Footnote in the current document
  • · How to insert Endnote in the current document
  • · How to insert Citation
  • · Use of Bibliography
  • · Use of Caption
  • · Use of Envelops and Labels
  • · How to use Mail Merge
  • · Use of Spelling & Grammar, Define, Thesaurus and Word Count
  • · How to translate and Change of Language
  • · Use of Insert a New Comment and Show Comments
  • · How to covert current document in the Reading Mode , Print Layout, Web Layout, Outline and Draft.
  • ·    Use of Ruler, Gridlines and Navigation Pane
  • · How to zoom the text
  • ·    How to convert one page to multiple pages and Use of Page Width
  • · Use of Split, Arrange All and New Window
  • · How to use Macros

After you have successfully completed this application, you must have very good knowledge about Microsoft Word.

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