Best Free Online Courses in India

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Top 5 Free Online Courses list Here I am going to introduce you the Top 5 Free Online Courses list, which are related to technical and non-technical field. As we know that world and technology are running so fast, So we should learn latest courses which are popular and in trending. But Learning Courses which […]

Loop Control

Loop Control

Loop Control (a) The three types of loops available in C are for, while, and do-while. (b) A break statement takes the execution control out of the loop. (c) A continue statement skips the execution of the statements after it and takes the control through the next cycle of the loop. (d) A do-while loop is used to […]

Compilation and Execution

Compilation and Execution Once you have written the program you need to type it and instruct the machine to execute it. To type your C program you need another program called Editor. Once the program has been typed it needs to be converted to machine language (0s and 1s) before the machine can execute it. […]

Decision Control Statement in C

Decision Control Statement in C Summary (a)    There are three ways for taking decisions in a program. First way is to use the if-else statement, second way is to use the conditional operators and third way is to use the switch statement. (b)   The default scope of if statement is only the next statement. So, to execute […]