How to curb invisible money

MDCIM- Master Diploma in Computer application and system management

Master Diploma in Computer information and System Management (MDCIM) Module: 1 Operating System Module: 2 Desk Top Publishing > Corel Draw > Adobe Photoshop > Adobe PageMaker > Scanning Module: 3 Web Designing > HTML > DHTML > JavaScript > VB Script Module: 4 Programming > Programming Techniques > C Language > Visual Basic > […]

Right Way of Reading Newspaper for Any Exam

Benefit of Reading Newspaper Reading Newspaper is a good habit that can provide a great sense of education value. It Carries information about politics, economy, entertainment, sports, business, industry, trade and commerce. 1. Essay writing 2. Reading comprehensions 3. Grammars 4. GD-Group Discussion 5. Speech

How to Learn English Using Practical English Usage by Michel Swan

Practical English Usage I am grateful to all the people who have helped me with the preparation of this third edition. A large number of teachers in different countries were kind enough to respond to an inquiry asking how they felt Practical English Usage could be improved: Acknowledgements I am grateful to all the people who have helped […]