Basic Computer Course Step by Step Guide

Basic computer course step by step guide

Basic Computer Course step by step guide Hello everyone, This is Manish Sharma, Hope you are doing well in your life. So, as you know in today’s world computer is very popular not in industry but in school, colleges and hospitals. We find computer usability in every industry. Computer Technology is spreading with a high […]

Jobs after ADCA computer course

Jobs after ADCA computer course

There are many jobs after ADCA Computer Course, Many small firms recruits candidates who have Advance diploma in computer application certificate and job profile will be Computer Operator Data Entry Handling huge record accounting section Tally jobs ADCA computer teaching job etc.

Advanced Diploma in Computer Application – ADCA

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Computer is a need of today’s world, without having computer knowledge we are like a person who is not living in the 21st century. In today’s time learning computer courses is more important than before. It doesn’t matter weather you learn basic or advanced ADCA, but at least you should have knowledge of computer. So […]

Cognitive load

In cognitive psychology, cognitive load refers to the effort being used in the working memory. Cognitive load theory differentiates cognitive load into three types: intrinsic, extraneous, and germane. Intrinsic cognitive load is the effort associated with a specific topic, extraneous cognitive load refers to the way information or tasks are presented to a learner, and germane cognitive load refers to the work put into […]

Your career after Diploma in computer applications (DCA)

Your career after Diploma in computer applications (DCA)

With the growing demand of computers and the role it plays in our life, more and more skilled professionals are required to take care of the finer points. With new innovations in this arena there is a growing demand for computer professionals with a sound understanding of basic computer applications in business covering key programming […]

How To Enroll in the Course

How to enroll in the course

How To Enroll in Acme Collins School’s Courses | The Complete Process of Enrollment. Watch this video to help you out in the course registration. Whether you are looking for DCA – Diploma in Computer Application, CCA, CCC, BCC etc. Here, We have explained the complete process of enrollment in any course.

How to enroll in BCC Course?

Step 1 : go to the website – Step 2 : Choose the course from the category. Step 3 :  Click on the course and you will be redirected to login page Step 4 : Click on the ” Create Account ” Step 5 : Fill up the complete sign up form Step 6 : […]

Introduction to MS Word

Introduction to MS Word

Introduction: Microsoft word is used for making documents, designing etc. It is a software produced from Microsoft Application. Microsoft word is not only the software produced from Microsoft, many software are produced from Microsoft application. See the video: Options: There are many options present in MS Word. The options are divided in Tabs and blocks. […]

What are the best online computer courses?

What are the best online computer courses?

If you interested to coding side you can choose TIBCO Technology. Now a days TIBCO is very popular technology. If you interested to learn TIBCO language you can approach Acme Collins School. Acme Collins School is a one of the best Online Training Institute in Delhi. All our online trainings are designed in such a way […]

Should I choose DTU or NSUT for computer science next year

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Dhruv malik – A2A Assuming that this answer is read when NSIT has turned into NSUT: (which hasn’t happened till 2016) Now that none of the colleges can offer you a DU degree, it doesn’t matter if the brand is DTU or NSUT. Your choice should rather be based on the academics and social life […]