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Computer Course for everyone in Delhi

Acme Collins School offering Free Job Oriented Computer Training for Underprivileged Candidates and for aged person in Delhi. The training we are providing is in English. We have many courses for everyone who is looking for computer course in Delhi, But we providing these courses are in online mode.

Computer Course for everyone in Delhi

As we are familiar with the new technology world that computer is useful and everyone should have knowledge of it. but this is not done for all, only few of them can get the computer education. Therefore, we have created a platform where all people can come and learn new things in the computer.

We have many courses which you can complete in a short period of time. Now, don’t need to go out and complete the whole course, there we provide facilities to those students who have knowledge of computer but do not have certificate, they can complete the course from our web portal and can show their skill certificate in the government jobs exam.

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Computer Courses

Basic Computer Courses skills for beginners

Basic Computer Courses Skills for beginners

Looking for Basic Computer Courses for beginners that provide computer courses training with certificate, Here at Acme Collins School you always have certificate when you finish the 36 Hours of training. This Basic Skill based programme has 8 Module and some assessment, in this course, when student finish the all assessment then he/she will be able to download certificate. As sometime happens that student get fail in the assessment due to some reason. So, at that time they can re-attempt the exam without any additional charges.

List of some Basic Computer Courses –

Typing Course – Students who are looking for Basic Courses can learn this course which is actually effective. You can learn typing in just 30 days. Because, in this basic tutorial student learn practically on the licensed application software and Therefore, Students learn Typing in no time.

Course Duration – 30 Days

Fees – Rs.500/- Monthly

Classes – Offline

BCC (Basic Computer Course) – Have you ever heard about Online BCC course? If not, then here you are getting this course online. We are providing online basic computer course with certification. Most importantly you learn this course online. Where, you don’t need to waste your more time. While learning Online, we can manage our study time as per situation. So, thinking of learning this course online is good idea. It is not for only younger but also for aged person.

What we study in this course? We Study About

Computer Fundamental

Microsoft Word

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Excel


Course Duration – 36 Hours of Training

Fees – Rs.1530/- (Total Fees)

Class – Online

About Certification

If we talked about certification process. So, the certificate you are going to receive from Acme Collins School is genuinely accredited by CSC Academy and Digital India. So, Student Who are seeking Basic Computer Courses Certificate. They can get it by this simple process. It will only require 36 Hours of training.

Computer Courses

Best Basic Computer Courses Institute in India

Best Basic Computer Courses Institute in India

As you all know computer has become our life line now from Facebook to google, Amazon to Flipkart, online banking & ticket booking everything is computerize now. Acme Collins School’s Basic Computer course is a certificate training program in which you learn best way of using computer. Our specialize Online Learning Platforms and faculties, project base training methods makes us best basic computer course institute in india. That course will give you proper knowledge of complete ms-office 2013 application software package as well as you will know about require detail of computer hardware, you will learn how to use internet securely for E- Mailing, booking, banking.

Best Basic Computer Course Institute in India, Computer Courses


You may be a student or business man or housewife that course is for all who want to enhance its computer knowledge. In our Basic Computer Course We provide Online Training with full of attention which make you understand computer concept more easily.


For Us You are – A student who wants to learn computer which have no computer background.

Course Duration – 2 – 3 Months

Class Mode – Online & Offline for those who are nearby institute location.

After Course Completion – After completing this Basic Computer Course you will know all basic uses of computer and now you are ready to move for your specialization.


Web Designing Course

Learn everything from responsive web design to WordPress design, and create user-friendly sites for yourself or for your web design business clients.

Learning web designing course is good option to have an additional skill in the computer course. Having an additional skill in the application like website designing. we have option to become website designer. if nothing happens.

Why I Should Learn Web Designing?

In order to have a skill of designing a web is very good. As most people have interest in the website designing, and who they don’t get bore of using computer so often, they should learn Web Designing Course. It may be some of you know better coding. You can increase the ability of yourself doing coding So, thats a good opportunity to learn more web codes.

What Benefits Me?

If you choose to learn the web designing course, This Benefits you in the term of creating website. and after you successfully learn this course. you will have best job option. Because, Most People search for placement, and we too provide placements to our student.

Now here, In this article I am going to tell you about Web Designing Course Step By Step.

  1. As you come across our website, you will see many courses listed on our web market place (Acme Collins School). From this place, You have to select (ADD TO CART) the web designing course or related to it. Then, Click on the Checkout Button. Once you have completed the first step, go to next step.
  2. After you select the web designing course, this will ask you fill normal form in which you have to fill your username (it can be anything), Password, Email ID, Mobile Number, Address and Course Category.
  3. Once you completed the previous step, Click on the Sign UP button and you will be redirected to confirmation page.
  4. if you have done with 3rd step, you have to click Continue/Submit and you will be redirected to the payment page.
  5. After completion of 4th Step, you need to fill the Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking etc. in order to make course Payment.